America is outraged by the Florida Casey Anthony verdict and I can’t say I blame them. I didnt follow the trial very carefully, but was certainly surprised by the results. Here in Michigan, especially in Detroit and Wayne or Oakland County, trials never take months. Maybe the jury was bored, mad or plain confused. Let keep in mind that the prosecution always has the burden of proof in a criminal case, and here they must not have done enough to prove their case. I think the judge sentenced appropriately under the circumstances and I’m glad the prosecution can still bring their motion to tax costs of the investigation because of Casey Anthony’s lies. Right or wrong, the jury has spoken, Casey did over three years in jail and has her guilty conscience to deal with for life. I hope she does not profit a dime from her “story” and we can forget all about her. Let us not forget poor little Caylee. Rip. If you have any questions about criminal law, or need assistance here in SE Michigan, call me at (313) 402-0853 or drop me a line at