Successful Arbitration Against City of Detroit

I just resolved a complex slip and fall on a city owned sidewalk that was over 3" in gap between the slabs. Client fell and broke her elbow. The case evaluated for $125,000 and both sides rejected. After some discussion, the city and I agreed to arbitrate the case. The arbitrators found it very compelling [...]

Another Injury Case Resolved!

Just last week I resolved a tough case for a client who was the innocent victim of bad apartment building. She had rented an apartment and while leaping in her bed one night, the entire ceiling collapsed upon her! Luckily she didn't have many physical injuries, but she was suffering post traumatic stress disorder. The [...]

Another Satisfied Client Gets Excellent Results

I recently finished a case for a client who had to get an old conviction removed from her record in order to secure a job in her profession. It was an extremely tough matter and I told her the odds of success. We filed a motion and won outright in front the successor Judge, removing [...]

Casey Anthony Verdict Outrage

America is outraged by the Florida Casey Anthony verdict and I can't say I blame them. I didnt follow the trial very carefully, but was certainly surprised by the results. Here in Michigan, especially in Detroit and Wayne or Oakland County, trials never take months. Maybe the jury was bored, mad or plain confused. Let [...]

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Auto Coverage in Michigan

Hi and thanks for taking time to read my new blog. The old one was stand alone at but now is conveniently located right here at I was speaking with a new client the other day and was explaining why Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage on your auto insurance policy in the State [...]

Criminal Jury Trial Victory

Last month, I completed a successful criminal jury trial where my client was acquitted after a 20 minute deliberation of the diverse jury in Livonia. My client was charged with disorderly person for allegedly harrassing his neighbors by swearing and banging on their door at 1:00 am. Our defense was alibi and in the end, [...]

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